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How was the idea of investing in a Vertical Farming system born?

The concept of hydroponic cultivation inside a container was born in 2022 from the idea of one of the partners -Stefano Pinna- who knows GREATIT, the company that supplied us with the DEMETRA container.

What are the main advantages of a hydroponic cultivation system placed inside of a recycled container?

The originality and advantages of this system of hydroponic cultivation are that within this structure it is possible to reproduce the ideal conditions for a specific crop.

What do you produce and how are yields?

With the cultivation of saffron we have managed to achieve two cycles indoors, and this year we expect to reach a third cycle. The yields have been better, if not quantitatively higher, than those of a cultivation in open field, in this case also with optimal organoleptic characteristics.
Regarding hemp, cultivation is currently starting because the structure has only been completed a few months ago.

How did the process of customisation of the system Demetra develop to adapt it to your needs?

The system was specifically planned with the company owner, Daniele Bertocchi, who proposed a 5-shelf container with a special type of LED lights, used for the cultivation of saffron indoors.
The other customisation involved a complex structure composed of 8 containers made in series, with two cultivation platforms on each side, designed for the indoor cultivation of hemp.

What do you consider could be useful to improve further?

The system is fully controlled by remote: humidity, temperature and lighting are adjustable directly from a tablet. The introduction of manual controls could make things easier should this system not work.

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Recent international research has shown that the vertical farming sector has growth rates of more than 20% on average per year until 2026.
It is also estimated that the global vertical agricultural market will reach USD 9.9 billion by 2025.

We see many interested sectors driven primarily by a new generation of farmers who see technology as a mechanism for resilience and sustainable development of their culture.

Finally, we believe in a role of cultural dissemination of the DEMETRA system in all those situations where the consumer can be made aware of the principles of circular economy and environmental impact, with a system that is easy to position and access in urban and suburban locations.


- Perfect the production cycle with a structure that gives you the best possible conditions during the most difficult phases such as germination, propagation, etc.
- People who want to change jobs, who want to set up their own business, people who want to turn their lives around.
You don’t have to be a farmer to cultivate inside DEMETRA. We’ll take care of teaching and guiding you.


Thanks to the rental service we offer, you can develop both educational projects for students and research projects, without having to build a definitive lab which would would risk becoming obsolete within a few years.


Community gardens


Companies and enterprises that have employees in remote and inaccessible places.
Companies promoting social, environmental and welfare responsibility initiatives (Sodexo, Everlane, SEFCU and Ford already use Vertical Farms in containers).
Companies (large-scale retail trade, pharmaceutical companies, restaurants) which decide to produce on their premises some of the vegetables they then sell or use.


Hidden hunger, i.e. the lack of vitamins in the diet, is one of the major problems of our time and mainly affects the poorest countries. At present, organisations send vitamin-enriched rice to these peoples. A container where microgreens are produced could create jobs, education and most importantly supplement the diet of these populations with essential vitamins.

Are you interested in Vertical Farming but don’t know how to start?
Answer the questionnaire and we’ll give you all the necessary information

Purchase or Rental?


Lower total cost of ownership
Savings on interest on rental instalments
Property benefits - you can claim capital allowances*
You will immediately be the owner of the machine, and enjoy the benefits of property
Inclusion of CAPEX investment in funded tenders
Possibility to benefit from tax breaks (Industry 4.0, Sabatini etc.)
* Check with your tax advisor about this possibility.
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Canon deductibility (being a cost) of 100% regardless of duration
Canon payment in instalments from 6 to 60 months (flexible duration not bound to the amortisation period) and with amounts starting from EUR 2000
Maintenance of working capital for current investments
Redemption of the asset at the end of the rental period or full/partial return or replacement
Easy start - lower initial capital investment, VAT is spread over the leasing instalments
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