Customizable Vertical Farming, with no surprises

Achieve a constant harvest, sustainable and km0 anywhere in the world, thanks to DEMETRA, the reconditioned container used as a vertical farm, customisable in its entirety.
They believed in us! They were our first industrial and commercial partners. Join us in the DEMETRA community as well, and contribute to the development of a modern, resilient and low-environmental impact agriculture.

A sustainable container to grow vegetables 365 days a year.

Mushrooms require extremely specific parameters to grow and be fruitful. They can be cultivated in several ways, but indoor cultivation in DEMETRA makes it possible to reproduce the exact conditions necessary to have them not only survive, but prosper.
They are vegetables harvested at a very early stage of their growth, allowing them to maintain all the relative nutritional properties at their best.The market of these products, also called superfood, is growing more and more, and DEMETRA -given their small size and brief growth time (7/20 days)- is the ideal structure in which to produce them.You can achieve up to 48 cycles a year!
Aromatic herbs (basil, thyme, parsley, etc.) are used in the kitchen and, thanks to their properties, in various other fields such as herbalist, cosmetic and pharmaceutical, to dye fabrics in the fashion industry or as natural insecticides in agriculture. In DEMETRA the ideal climatic conditions and perfect lighting guarantee the maximum content of biologically active molecules to be used in each and every field.
The completely controlled environment, the use of LED lights specifically designed for this crop, the management of humidity, the high tech ventilation systems, the nutrient regimes selected to optimize its growth and production make DEMETRA the perfect structure for indoor cultivation of hemp and an increase in the quality of the final product.
The development of these plants in DEMETRA happens in a totally controlled environment, letting the farmer shorten the biological cycle of the plant, accelerating both the growth phase (in ideal conditions the plant grows quicker) and the rest one. This leads to bloomings closer to each other and subsequently to bigger yearly productions. The planting density of Crocus sativus in DEMETRA is very high compared with soil cultivation, in fact it can reach up to 226 bulbs/m².
In DEMETRA it is possible to optimise the development of vegetal tissues at their different stages to obtain healthy and sturdy plants able to face transplant in a greenhouse or field with greater vigor.
It is a technique to produce high quality horticultural seedlings in which the root part of the plant is attached to the aerial part of another, more productive or of higher quality and of the same variety (ex. melon with melon). Thanks to the controlled conditions and specific lamps, we can ensure maximum rooting of the graft in a complex environment.
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Sustainable, profitable, at hand.

Our purpose is to revolutionize the agriculture and food sector through sustainable innovation. We want to create a positive impact on the environment and human health, providing fresh and nourishing crops regardless of climatic and geographic conditions.We want to contribute to a shorter food chain, reducing the consumption of resources and the CO₂ emissions connected with transportation.

The Tesla of vertical farming.

Our vertical farming system inside containers is a self-sufficient unity that can be placed anywhere. It employs cutting-edge technologies to manage light, temperature, humidity and nutrients, optimizing the growth of plants. We grow a wide range of products, from vegetables to aromatic herbs, ensuring constant and high quality crops all year long. Our system reduces the need for pesticides and requires less water in comparison with traditional agriculture, contributing to a more sustainable food future.

We apply circular economy, technological innovation and continuous research principles to improve DEMETRA performance

We achieve our objective through design and implementation of advanced methods of cultivation inside containers, with the help of historical industry partners and years of research and development. We employ technologies of LED lighting which are energy-efficient, climate control systems and hydroponics. We collaborate with experts in agriculture, engineers and technologists to guarantee a constant and high quality production.

Urban areas, extreme zones, ships: DEMETRA knows no boundaries.

Our vertical farming method inside containers knows no geographic boundaries. Its flexibility allows it to be used in a wide range of contexts. From deserts to dense urban areas, from remote communities to renovated industrial structures, our system can be adapted anywhere a sustainable food production is necessary. We can grow fresh and nutritious products in direct proximity of communities, minimizing the dependence on long supply chains and contributing to the creation of a positive impact on both local and global scale.

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How much does DEMETRA cost?

Our structure is customizable depending on your needs. To give you an example, Demetra 4 which is one of our most expensive models, equipped for the cultivation of 44 m² is currently marketed at €96.000. Shipping costs depend on the distance of your installation site from our headquarters in Cherasco (Italy).

What will my ROI be on DEMETRA?

There’s no easy answer to this question. The success of your business will depend on a number of variables such as the demand for certain products varieties in your area, the cost of electricity at your site, the distribution model you choose to adopt, and so on. Our business development team is at your service to help you figure it all out.

Are your products for sale only?

No, rent is also a possibility.

How does GREATIT support its customers?

Greatit has a dedicated support team. We’ll be with you from the moment you start thinking about buying DEMETRA and will assist you with training, delivery, installation, launch, first harvest and beyond!

Who are your customers?

Our customers include entrepreneurs, soil growers, businesses, schools and universities, municipalities,
non-profits, and more!

Doubts? We’re here for you.

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