Agriculture 5.0


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  • Our vision

    A Sustainable Revolution in Agriculture
    Our Mission is to revolutionize agriculture through sustainable innovation. We create a positive impact on environment and health, offering fresh crops in any climatic condition.
  • Technology that Transforms

    Hydroponic Cultivation in Controlled Environments
    We are pioneers in hydroponic cultivation in CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture). With our modular DEMETRA container we grow medicinal plants, saffron and much more.
  • Modularity for the Future

    Research, Development and Production
    DEMETRA is an internal R&D module, a support to traditional agriculture and a production center. We grow innovation for sustainable crops.
  • Parameters at the Heart

    Advanced Environmental Control
    Inside the DEMETRA container, environmental and technical parameters are under control. We constantly monitor and supervise every aspect, from lighting to irrigation.
  • DEMETER Control

    Extreme Customisation
    The DEMETRA Control software gives you power. Modify and customise the parameters according to your needs.
  • The Autonomy of the Automatic

    Agriculture with Intelligence
    We have introduced an automatic mode. The DEMETRA container self-manages thanks to advanced sensors. Simply indicate the crops, the rest is in technology’s hands.
  • Toward Sustainability

    Minimal Impact on the Environment
    The DEMETRA approach promotes sustainability. Sensors and dataloggers create data to evaluate the environmental impact and reduce warehouse gas emissions.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology

    Industrial Integration
    Innovation lies in the integration of industrial machinery. This choice guarantees cutting-edge technology and a solid investment.

Premium food

Working vertically, inside a container, means being able to displace the cultivation volume wherever possible. The product is immediately available for consumption, fresh and with all its properties intact.
Working on multiple levels, the base surface is multiplied and optimised, thus obtaining a high concentration of nutrients per unit area.
Zero chemical consumption: no use of herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilisers.

We are Agriculture 5.0

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