How much does DEMETRA cost?

Our structure is customizable depending on your needs. To give you an example, Demetra 4 which is one of our most expensive models, equipped for the cultivation of 44 m² is currently marketed at €96.000. Shipping costs depend on the distance of your installation site from our headquarters in Cherasco (Italy).

What will my ROI be on DEMETRA?

There’s no easy answer to this question. The success of your business will depend on a number of variables such as the demand for certain products varieties in your area, the cost of electricity at your site, the distribution model you choose to adopt, and so on. Our business development team is at your service to help you figure it all out.

Are your products for sale only?

No, rent is also a possibility.

How does GREATIT support its customers?

Greatit has a dedicated support team. We’ll be with you from the moment you start thinking about buying DEMETRA and will assist you with training, delivery, installation, launch, first harvest and beyond!

Who are your customers?

Our customers include entrepreneurs, soil growers, businesses, schools and universities, municipalities,
non-profits, and more!

What is DEMETRA?

DEMETRA is a commercial-scale hydroponic vertical farm built inside a refurbished end-of-life intermodal container.

What can I grow?

With DEMETRA you can grow lettuces, green leafy vegetables, herbs, brassicas, hemp, saffron, mushrooms, edible flowers, some root vegetables and many other crops anywhere, regardless of the outdoor climate

Where can I place DEMETRA?

Aside from utilities (water and electricity), DEMETRA only requires a 7×3 m or 13×3 m area (depending on which DEMETRA you choose) which has to be sturdy enough to support its gross weight of about 4 or 6 tons. Flooring, concrete, trap rock and are all suitable options. Moreover, DEMETRA comes from an intermodal container and was therefore literally designed to travel.

Does DEMETRA work with solar panels?

Yes, it’s a possibility! The consumption of a 56m2 “Demetra 4” is 70 kw/h per day.

Why DEMETRA and not just any greenhouse?

There are countless reasons!
Because it makes the most of the internal space, it takes up less space and does not require building permits; because it is transportable and can be placed anywhere; because its structure is completely isolated from external factors and resistant to adverse weather phenomena; because it is ready to use, plug it in and grow; because it consumes 99% less water and because you do not need to be a farmer or have a green thumb! Everyone can grow in DEMETRA.

Are there any concessions in buying DEMETRA?

Absolutely! DEMETRA is an agricultural machine and a 4.0 machine in its own right. It therefore falls under many possibilities of subsidised finance.


DEMETRA CONNECT is a cloud-based farm management and automation software developed by GREATIT for DEMETRA users. On-farm sensors detect conditions such as pH, environmental temperature, humidity, nutrient levels and more, it can all be viewed and controlled from a smartphone or desktop app. You can also connect a webcam, listen to music or vocally operate DEMETRA. Everything can be managed by DEMETRA CONNECT, except for manual work.

Are the solar panels and the garden included?

No, they are not. DEMETRA can be equipped with both the solar panels and the vertical garden but they are optional and therefore have to be discussed in the quotation phase.
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