Vertical Farms

Products are grown according to the basic concepts of Vertical Farming and Closed Hydroponic System


The water, also suitable for human use, is supplied from below. With this system, water consumption is very low, more than 90% can be saved compared to open field cultivation. On top of that, with the closed water cycle, it all gets filtered and recirculated and there is no waste of water at all.



We can work on more than one floor, multiplying and optimizing the growing area: it significantly increases compared to traditional growing methods



Working vertically, in a container, means being able to displace the volume of cultivation anywhere you can.

The product is immediately available for consumption, it’s fresh and all its characteristics remain intact.


Led Technology

We use LED lighting to give the plant the perfect light and wavelength depending on the species and growth stage.


Solving problems

Problems that could be solved with Demetra:

Excessive land consumption

No land consuption


High nutrition density per square meter

Overuse of chemicals

No chemicals are employed


We use end-of-life refurbished containers that grow fully-consumable products: nothing is wasted

demetra gives you
countless advantages

  • Cheaper

    Less water consumption
    compared to traditional methods

  • Healthier

    No pesticides* (healthier customer sand no environmental impact related to its production and distribution)

  • More efficient

    All resources are thoughtfully measured and employed to suit your specific needs

  • Non-invasive

    A very limited amount of space is required

  • Fast

    Extremely time-efficient production

  • Nutritious

    High nutrition density per square meter

  • Eco-friendly

    Low water, energy and building material consumption

  • Convenient

    Everything is used, nothing gets wasted

Why should i choose demetra?

It helps the planet

Far fewer resources are required to grow in DEMETRA compared to traditional methods.

It saves time

Overall, Demetra makes a farmer's lifestyle more bearable by taking on much of the work.

It's hyperlocal

You can grow wherever you want, even right where you are!

It's educational

Demetra is an opportunity to provide nutritional and environmental education and promote social inclusion right in the city center.


Low water, energy and building material consumption.

Problematiche che si potrebbero risolvere con la coltivazione di microgreen in Demetra:

  • Malnutrizione (aggiungere 2 righe per ampliare)
  • Aumento CO 2 (aggiungere 2 righe per ampliare)
  • Sprechi (aggiungere 2 righe per ampliare)


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