We use containers that would otherwise be destined for disposal to sustainably produce fresh, healthy food in the cities



Demetra is a whole cultivation system inside a single container. It is the result of 50 years of experience in the creation of special containers, several years studying the best hydroponic cultivation techniques and the cooperation with high-level technological partners such as CLED, Idroterm Serre and Monti. We can proudly claim to be among the companies with the best quality-price ratio. Demetra is fully customizable according to the customer’s needs and it can provide several products from anywhere in the world.

  • We took a disused 40-foot container and we refurbished it creating a vertical farm i.e., an aboveground vertical hydroponic plant. Furthermore, we took care of the external part making it look nice so as to bring a positive impact on the city environment

Why should i choose Demetra?

It helps the planet

Far fewer resources are required to grow in DEMETRA compared to traditional methods.

It saves time

Overall, DEMETRA makes a farmer's lifestyle more bearable by taking on much of the work.

It's automatic

Our DEMETRA CONNECT software makes container farming less labor-intensive than traditional farming and other indoor growing techniques; it monitors the nutrition and hydration levels of the environment and plants and allows farmers to remotely monitor parameters in DEMETRA. The software also simplifies many aspects of farming, making container farming an easy starting point for inexperienced farmers. Overall, it makes a farmer's lifestyle more sustainable, taking on much of the work so that the farmers can focus on learning, or take time to grow their business or pursue other interests, or even enjoy a vacation.

It's educational

DEMETRA is an opportunity to provide nutritional and environmental education and promote social inclusion right in the city center.

It's convenient

Compared to other indoor farming methods, such as greenhouses or large-scale warehouses, a container farm is much more convenient. Not only is it smaller and cheaper, but products can actually be packaged inside a vertical farm, making the most of every square inch of space.

It's hyperlocal

You can grow wherever you want, even right where you are!

It's climate-controlled

Our container farms can work regardless of weather conditions. Internal conditions are designed and managed to be ideal for growing food using DEMETRA's intuitive climate controls. As a result, shipping container farms can be used to grow food year-round and crops are protected from the impacts of adverse weather and imperfect growing conditions.

It's a high-quality product

Our key focus is on quality and environmental and economic sustainability. We look for top-quality suppliers who aim at maximizing the efficiency of their products. Why? We believe that offering a highly durable construction with a long lifespan means less resources get wasted. How can we ensure both quality and cost-effectiveness? We succeed because we are always studying and searching for new ideal items and materials for DEMETRA: nothing is superfluous or oversized

It supports young people and the future of agriculture

Agricultural businesses keep disappearing. Studies show that only about one-third of small farms have a designated successor in the family, partially because many young people are unwilling to make the significant financial investment in an industry that requires them to put in long hours and significant physical effort for little reward. We need a new generation of farmers to provide the local food we crave

It is modular and extremely versatile

Being the same size and shape as a standard shipping container, container farms can be easily shipped around the world and fit virtually anywhere. In a yard, on a rooftop, in an alley, in a parking lot or on top of each other - you decide!



For society

We invest

R&D investments aimed at identifying increasingly effective solutions to the main environmental social and economic challenges of our time are our top priority

We give back

We donate 2% of our net profits to nonprofit associations

We grow people

We pursue the creation of the best possible conditions for attracting, growing and retaining talented people in our company

We collaborate

we create, support and develop projects and partnerships with national or foreign, public or private entities


We create activities that contribute to eliminating the systematic increase in the concentration of substances extracted from the earth's crust and substances produced by society


We do not use herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers


We use fewer resources than traditional agriculture

For the environment



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